SUN    Ketley Bank ???
Exact position not clear, the 1861 and 1871 census enumerator's routes indicate that the Sun was near the top of the present day Sunnyside Road close to it's junction with Main Road. Would appear to have closed by 1871.
"---thence by a public house known by the sign of "The Rose and Crown"; thence all that part of Coalpit-bank on the east and south east of the lane leading to a public house known by the sign of  "The Sun Inn": thence along the lane leading to the "Grange"----"
                                                                                                                                                                                                     1861 Census.

There is a memorial to William & Mary Ann SHEPHERD  (and their children) at Wombridge Church.
1844    William SHEPHERD (PD)
1851    William SHEPHERD (HGDS)
1851    William SHEPHERD  (census).
1861    Mary Ann SHEPHERD (widow) (census)
1861    Mary SHEPPARD (sic) (HHD) 

SUN INN        Oakengates.
Only reference found in Albert Henry Davies’s diary.
1900    BLADEN Mr. Of Sun Inn   Oakengates  Died 15 Mar 1900 (AHD).