STAG     Holyhead Road,     Ketley Bank.

Next door but one to The Greyhound. Now a general store.

February 1894, sale of property at the Caledonia Hotel, Oakengates, by Barber & Sons of Wellington.
Lot 5 (under the will of  the late Mr John DAVIES).   The Stag beerhouse, at Snedshill, near Oakengates, was secured by the tenant, Mr Cadwallander (sic), at £390. (Eddowes Journal. 10 Feb 1894)

   1. Name.  The Stag.   
2. Place.New Road, Oakengates.  
 3. Date of visit.  24 July 1896
  4. Nature of licence.  Beerhouse  7 day.  
  5. When granted.  Before 1850.
  6. Owner & Occupier. Henry Cadwallender..
    No.of changes (last 5 years) one.
  7. Rateable value. £17-10s. 
8. Accommodation. 3 rooms downstairs and 3 up. 
9. Stabling. 1 horse.
10. Condition of buildings. Stables require lime-washing. 
11. Nature of trade. Mining, Ironworks & roadside.
12. Proximity to licensed houses. 12 yards. 
13. Proximity to dwelling houses.  Adjoining.
14. Distance from Police control.About 1/2 mile to police station.
15. Date of proceedings.  none. 
16. General remarks.  None.

    Some licensees,
            1871    Frank MARRION, Carpenter & Beerseller     (census)..
            1881    Thos. MANION Publican. (census).
            1891    Thomas ICKE, Innkeeper (census).
            1896    Henry CADWALLENDER, (PSR)  
            1901    Henry CADWALLENDER (census)
            1911    Henry CADWALLENDER (census) *
            1913    Jane CADWALLENDER  (Dir)

*Name:Henry Cadwallender
Died  6 April 1911
Burial Date:10 Apr 1911
Burial Place:Malinslee, Shropshire, 

An extract from Moses Evans’ book “Childhood Memories”
“Sam (Crawford) is a well known member of a most respected family who have lived in the Oakengates District for a good many years. He told me some of his childhood memories when associated with the Stag INN (next door but one to the Greyhound Inn). The licensee was Henry Cadwalladern (sic), but the brewing of the beer was done by his brother John who lived at Forge Row, Old Park. He recalls how he went with John to fetch water from a fountain which then was near the Snedshill Crossroads. This water was conveyed in a huge barrel or in a water cart and of course horse drawn. The water had a fine reputation for making good home brewed ale, it was in great demand not only from The Stag Inn but also from the other pubs in the district.
The Stag became the "Mecca'' for the "Ale Carriers'' from the Snedshill Forge. Two men at least were detailed for this job which was part of their duties. They fetched the "ale'' for the "puddlers'' and others who worked on the night shift. It was their proud boast that they could carry as many as 8 to 10 pint and half bottles at a time. The record of these sales was kept by the Bar Tender on a slate, against the individual name would be a code sign signifying the number of pints purchased at any one time, settling day was Saturday.
Sunday was an important day at the Stag Inn, for on this day a limited number of Special Customers had their ale served in real china cups“.

STAG        73 & 73A New St.    ST GEORGE'S


2.Place.New St.  St.Georges.  
3.Date of Visit. 1 Aug 1896
4.Nature of Licence. Beerhouse 7 day.  
5.When Granted. Not known but before 1866.
6.Owner.William HOLLIS, The Humbers, Salop.
Occupier. Federick HOLLIS. 
 No changes 
past 5 years.
7.Rateable value.£14.  
8.Accommodation. 4 rooms downstairs & 4 up. 
9.Stabling.  None
10.Condition of Buildings. House ceiling requires lime-washing.
11.Nature of Trade. Ironworks & mining.
12.Proximity to other 
Licensed Houses.  About 200 yards.
13.Proximity to Dwelling Houses.Adjoining
14.Position of House with regard 
to Police Control.Near Police Station.
15.Date & Nature of Proceedings. None. 
16.General Remarks. None.

    Former licensees.
        1876    Benjamin EDWARDS occupant, Mathew TONKS owner. (WWS plot 571)
        1881     John HALL (census)
        1896    Frederick HOLLIS (PSR)


                                   Frederick HOLLIS died on 
                                  10 May 1906 and his grave
                                   is at St Mathews, 
                                   Donnington Wood, 
                                   marked with a monument. 

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