Seven Stars

Seven Stars  Ketley;  St. Georges.

SEVEN STARS    Holyhead Road.    Ketley.

One time a  'Wrekin Brewery' house.

Reputed to have been built in 1579, the "Stars" was for many years a famous coaching inn on the Holyhead Road. The old building was demolished in 1964 and a new building erected on the site. This was renamed "Twenties" in the 1980s and "Elephant & Castle" in the early 1990s.

Wednesday 20th July 1831
“Edward Rhodes of the Seven Stars Pub, Ketley, a respectable man was charged with stealing a horse. During court trail several witnesses came forward who were good acquaintances of Rhodes namely Benjamin Silletoe of Ketley (Farmer), William H. Wooley (Clerk to the Lilleshall Company). Close friend who had seen Rhodes with the horse at Priorslee.
 Farm occupied by Rhodes in May 1829.(Details of Case). Result Rhodes Discharged.”
                    Shrewsbury Chronicle.

   1. Name.  Seven Stars.  
2. Place.   Ketley.  
3. Date of visit.  24 July 1896.
  4. Nature of licence. Alehouse 7 day.  
  5. When granted.  Before 1800.
  6. Owner & Occupier.  John Grainger.   No.of changes (last 5 years) None.
  7. Rateable value.  £30. 
 8. Accommodation.  6 rooms downstairs & 6 up. 9. Stabling. for 2 horses.
10. Condition of buildings.  Good.
11. Nature of trade. Mining, Ironworks, Agricultural.
12. Proximity to licensed houses. About 500 yds. 
13. Proximity to dwelling houses. About 10 yds.
14. Distance from Police control.  About 1/2 mile to police station.
15. Date of proceedings.  None.    16. General remarks. None.

    Some licensees
        1740s       Francis PEATE (Y&C)
        1828/34  Edward RHODES (PD)  Shown as “Stars” in directory.
        1840        Samuel Thompson RHODES (PD)
        1844        Richard RHODES (PD)
        1851        William GALLIER (HGD)
        1861        William WEST (HHD)
        1868        Edward WILLIAMS  (Slater’s Directory)
        1881        Mary Ann LAMOR (Wellington Directory & census)
        1891/95/1901/17    John GRAINGER (KD).
        1896        John GRAINGER (PSR).
        1934        John  BEESTON (KD).
        1941        Wm HARDY (KD).
        1956-63        Richard TART. (“A Ketley Mon”)
        1964        Richard TART (WD)

         1879 Apr 17.   Mr. Lamon (sic) Seven Stars in Ketley died sudden                                                         at  nine  o'clock at night Wednesday Apr 17 aged  54 years.
                Apr 21. W. Lamon (sic) buried at the Red Lake Church, Monday.
                                                        (Albert Henry's Diary.)

SEVEN STARS    New St.     St Georges   

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1871    William BUTLER, provision & ale dealer (census)