Pear Tree Bridge Inn

PEAR TREE BRIDGE, Holyhead Road, Ketley Bank. 

At one time a Wrekin Brewery house, it was later an Enterprise Inns Free House.

Closed 2008, being sympathetically converted into apartments, 2010.

Believed to be George Pearce.  c 1930.                                                      c.1950                  


The Inn was named 
after the bridge that 
 crossed the Ketley canal 
that ran in front of the 
pub, a little north of the 
present Holyhead Road.


 Before the Industrial

Revolution the area was

famed for it's pear and

apple orchards.

                                         2003                                                                                        2009

Although the Pear Tree Bridge has been converted to apartments 
it is pleasing to see that the old sign has been retained.


   1. Name.   Pear Tree Bridge Inn    2. Place.    New Road.  Oakengates.

  3. Date of visit.  24 July 1896. 4. Nature of licence. Alehouse 7 day. 5. When granted.  Before 1800. 

  6. Owner & Occupier.  Rebecca Merrington.        No.of changes (last 5 years) None.

  7. Rateable value. £12-5s  8. Accommodation. 4 rooms downstairs and 3 up. 9. Stabling. None

10. Condition of buildings. house ceiling requires lime-washing. 

11. Nature of trade.Mining & Ironworks. 

12. Proximity to licensed houses. About 300 yards. 13. Proximity to dwelling houses. Adjoining. 

14. Distance from Police control. About 1/2 mile to police station.

15. Date of proceedings.  None  16. General remarks.  None.

Some licensees,

    1852      Richard MORRALL, Weighing machine and Coal Wharf.6 Jan 1852, 

                 Barbers (Auctioneers) Sale     details. (BAD)

    1861      Richard MILLMAN Innkeeper & Wheelwright (census & HHD).

                 (His gravestone is in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Oakengates)

    1871      Ezra HEWLETT, Innkeeper. (census).

    1881      John DODD (census)

    1891      Thomas William MERRINGTON, Inn keeper (census).

    1895/96  Mrs Rebecca MERRINGTON (KD & PSR).

    1909      Joseph Albert MERRINGTON (KD)

    1913/17/37 George PEARCE (KD)

    1941      William PEARCE,  (KD 1941)  (Died 7 Aug 1962, William’s daughters appeared to share 

                the running of the pub, Alice Miriam Victoria died 7 June 1971 and Ethel Amy died 1976.   

                        (Information from relative, Basil, churchwarden at Holy Trinity).

    1956      Gladys E PEARCE  (ER)

    1964      Gladys E PEARCE (WD)

    1966      Gladys E. PEARCE (ER)

    2002?    Paul BAYNHAM

    2003      Sue BOND


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8 Mar 2016, 11:52