Lord Hill

LORD HILL,    Main Road,     Ketley Bank   

(An Enterprise Inns Free House)





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1.Name.  Lord Hill.   2.Place.  Coalpit Bank.  3.Date of Visit. 24 July 1896.
4. Nature of Licence. Alehouse  7 day. 5.When Granted. Before 1826.

6.Owner.William Pickering, Anchor Brewery, Scalpcliffe House, Burton-on-Trent.

Occupier. Richard Smith..Number of changes within past five years.  1 change.

7.Rateable value. £19.5s.  8.Accommodation. 5 rooms down, 4 up. 9.Stabling. For two horses.

10.Condition of Buildings. House in good order, stables need cleaning and limewashing.

11.Nature of Trade.  Ironworks and Mining.

                                12.Proximity to other Licensed Houses.  1/4 mile. 13.Proximity to Dwelling Houses. 10 yards.

                     14.Position of House with regard to Police Control.  1 mile to police station.

                      15.Date & Nature of Proceedings.  None.  16.General Remarks.  Tied to owners.



Extracts from Diaries of  Albert Henry DAVIES (One time resident of Ketley Bank and a licensee of The Lord Hill).

Aug 19 1880        Miss Sarah Dunning, Lord Hill ,Ketley Bank, died, buried on Sunday at Wombridge Aug 21 1880.


                    From Mr. Pickering  May 21/1902

                    "Dear Sir,  In reply to yours of the 17th inst. as you agree to the terms I gave you I think it will be better for you now to communicate direct with Brokers  Messrs Ford & Hodgson, 9 Pockingtons Walk, Leicester who have the matter in hand.  I am writing them by this post enclosing your letter & telling them that subject to your references being satisfactory I prefer to give you the preference being a local man."


Ketley Bank  May 23/02,         Messrs Ford & Hodgson

                    "Dear Sirs                        Re L. Hill Ketley bank I have offered to take the House from Mr. Pickering exactly on the same terms and conditions in respect to tenancy and trading as those on which Mr. McLeod at present holds it.  I also am required to take fixtures, fittings, stock in hand & some furniture from Mr. McLeod, these I will take at valuation.  Mr. Pickering has written me asking me to pay £10 to bind the Contract, this I now send you which amount will be considered on account of valuation.  Kindly acknowledge receipt of the £10.  Mr. R. L. Corbett, valuer  Oakengates will act on my behalf.                       

                                    Awaiting your reply,  Yours faithfully  A.H.Davies"


May 18th 1900 (sic)

You shall hear from me definitely in a few days, at present I may say I am quite prepared to pay you the necessary deposit of £10 to take the house exactly on condition that Mr McLeod has it in every respect.  Can you oblige me with an inventory of fixtures, fittings etc, and other things to be taken to.      Yours faithfully,   A.H. Davies


May 17th 1902  From Mr. Pickering,  Anchor Brewery, Park Rd, Aston, Birmingham.

"Dear Sir

Replying to yours of the 13th inst re Lord Hill.  I now hear that Mr McLeod is giving up the possession, I have a man here today from the Broker about the House but have done nothing until I hear from you. The stock and valuation will come to close on £100. If you can find the amount, I should like to see as early as possible when if references &c prove satisfactory, we can then come to terms.  I shall want say a deposit of £10 towards it to bind the contract "

"June 6 1901 Fri.  Received letter and Banker's draft from Wm Henry.  Dull and raining today.

                    Ford & Hodgson, 9 Pockingtons Walk, Leicester

                    "We beg to acknowledge receipt of your cheque value £10-0-0 re valuation of the Lord Hill Ketley Bank.  We shall see Mr. Pickering on Monday and will write to you definitely on the matter.                           

Your faithfully   
Signed Ford & Hodgson"

                                                                                Albert Henry Davies.

  Some licensees,                  

    1844      Roger DUNNING (PD)

    1851      Roger DUNNING  (HGD)

    1861      Sarah Ann DUNNINGTON (sic)(HHD)

    1861      Sarah DUNNING (unm.) Grocer & Innkeeper (census)..

    1868      Sarah DUNNING  (Slater’s Directory)

    1871      Sarah DUNNING (unm.) Grocer & Publican. (census).

    1881      Enoch ONIONS (census)

    1891      Enoch ONIONS, Licensed Victualler (census).

    1896      Richard SMITH, 

                        owners William PICKERING (Anchor Brewery),Scalpcliffe House, Burton on Trent             (PSR)

    1901      Alexander McLEOD, (PSR).

    1905      Albert Henry DAVIES. (Personal Diary)

    1909      John William ATKINS (KD)

    1929      Wliiam M.L. SABBEN  (KD)

    1934      William Frederick DANGERFIELD (KD)

    1941      William Frederick DANGERFIELD, (KD)

    1964      Edward DUNNING (WD)

    1980s    Ann & Graham GAUT

    1980s    Gerald GIBSON

    1990s    Karen & Rita ??

    2001      John Edwin PEACH.

    2002      Robert A McCULLOCH.