Lion,  Oakengates; Red Lake;  Priorslee;  Wrockwardine Wood.

LION              Lion St.            Oakengates.   

(Not clear if this was later the “Brown Lion”)

Paul LUTER wrote in the Wellington News.---

“The Lion Inn, was once situated, at a spot near where today a pizza takeway stands Which was once the old Oakengates fish and chip shop. The embankment which rises up behind the shop was once on a level with the Black Horse until the embankment was raised up by the Railway line in the late 1840’s.The pub was also amongst these early group of six central pubs that formed the early nucleus of early licensed premises. It was run by the well respected Edward Tudor (1776-1830), who was also a wealthy landowner and was built on a plot of land called interestingly “Trentwell”, which may allude to an earlier well on that site. Tudor was also a shareholder in the Shropshire Canal built in 1792. The pub however was demolished in 1848 to make way for the coming of the Wolverhampton-Shrewsbury Railway line. Thus it has long ago ceased to be part of the landscape. Tudors tomb still stands in the Churchyard of St Peters Church, Wrockwardine.”  


Extract from the “Shrewsbury Chronicle” 21 July 1854. County Court report, Wellington.

“Eliza TUDOR, widow of the late Mr E. TUDOR of “The Lion”, Oakengates, sued for £1-19-9d by Samuel JONES, shoemaker.  She pleads, as executor of the estate, that there is nothing left to pay the debt.”

    Some licensees

        1826       Edward TUDOR (PD & PL).

        1828/34   Edward TUDOR (PD)  Shown as “Red Lion” in directory.

        1844       Edward Tudor (PD)

        1861       Richard HOLMES (HHD)


LION,      Red Lake   

Position not known,

    Some licensees

        1840    William ONIONS (1840 Tithe Directory of Ketley)

        1851    Henry SHEPHERD  (HGD)

        1868    Susannah DAVIES  (Slater’s Directory) (Shown as “Red Lion”)


LION             Shifnal Road            Priorslee.

Opened in 1687 as a coaching inn.(Shropshire Star).

Possibly the premises known as the 'Brown Lion' in the Lilleshall Co's Priorslee Estate Survey 1876.

Owned by Ind Coope, bought by Wrekin Brewery in 1930s, taken over by Wem Ales then Greenall Whitney. (PR)

                                               The Lion.   2003.                                                              New Sign, 2009.



1.Name.  LION  2.Place.   Priorslee  3.Date of Visit.  1 Aug 1896  

4.Nature of Licence,  Alehouse  7 days. 5.When Granted.  Not known but before 1800  

6.Owner Lord Stafford; Occupier Thomas RUSHTON  Number of changes within past five years  None  

7.Rateable value  £21-5s  8.Accommodation.  6 rooms down and 6 up. 9.Stabling. For 4 horses.

10.Condition of Buildings.  Fair,   stables require lime-washing and cleaning. 

11.Nature of Trade.  mining & roadside.  12.Proximity to other Licensed Houses.  About  1/4 mile. 

13.Proximity to Dwelling Houses. Adjoining. 

14.Position of House with regard to Police Control. About 1 mile. 

 15.Date & Nature of Proceedings.   NONE       16.General Remarks

George LEESE, in Alan FROST'S book "Priorslee Remembered", names these one time tenants (PR)

Mr Heyward (sic); George RAMSDEN; Pat SHAW; Joe STOREY; Eddie HICKINGBOTTOM, no dates given.


Some licensees

    1851            John HUGHES ,victualler & accountant. (BD)                                               

    1876            Jane WASSELL  (Lilleshall Co. Priorslee Estate Survey  plot 321,  see note above)        

    1891            Thomas RUSHTON (KD)

    1895/96       Thomas RUSHTON (KD & PSR)

    1902            Thomas RUSHTON, owner Lord STAFFORD. (Rates Book)  Rateable value £21.5s.

    1909/13       Frank EVANS (KD)

    1934           Fredk. Fras. BRIDGER (KD)

    1941           Thomas HAYWARD,  (KD)

    1964           George A. RAMSDEN (WD)

    2003           Edward HICKINGBOTTOM.

    2011            Barry INCE


LION              Wrockwardine Wood.  

Only reference found in Harrison, Harrod & Co’s directory 1861.

Licensee     1861      Richard WELLS (HHD)

B (?) LION INN    Wrockwardine Wood.

Between Chapel Parade and Glasshouse Row in 1891 census returns, possibly the same property as above "Lion"

Licensee    1891    Jane BUCKLEY (census)