King's Arms

King's Arms,  Coalpit (Ketley) Bank;  St. Georges;  Trench.

KINGS ARMS.        Coalpit Bank.    

Only reference found in Pigot’s 1844 directory. Position not known.

1844         HOWELLS Edward (PD)


KING'S ARMS     30 Stafford St.    St.Georges

Open for business in 1805 (HBD)   

(1941 Kelly's Directory shows The King's Arms as a Beer House only.)

Shifnal Rates Book, 1902,  shows name as “King’s Head”.

                                                                                                Now a private house.

FOR SALE. “The King’s Arms” Stafford St.  St. Georges, recently connected to Main Sewer, in occupation of John HALL, rent £27 per annum. Brewing twice weekly.  19 Feb 1885,  Barber’s (Auctioneers) sale notice.

February 1894, sale of property at the Caledonia Hotel, Oakengates, by Barber & Sons of Wellington.

Lot 4 (under the will of  the late Mr John DAVIES).  The King's Arms beerhouse at St Georges, was sold to the tenant at £500.    (Eddowes Journal. 10 Feb 1894)



1.Name. King's Arms. 2.Place. St Georges. 3.Date of Visit. 1 Aug 1896 

4.Nature of Licence,  Beerhouse 7 days. 5.When Granted. Not known but before 1851.   

6.Owner & Occupier John HALL. Number of changes within past five years, none.

7.Rateable value £25-10s. 8.Accommodation. 4 rooms downstairs and 4 up. 9.Stabling. For 2 horses

10.Condition of Buildings. Ceilings of house require lime-washing, walls cleaning etc.  stable the same and roof bad. 

11.Nature of Trade. Mining & works. 12.Proximity to other Licensed Houses.  About 50  yards. 

13.Proximity to Dwelling Houses. Adjoining. 

14.Position of House with regard to Police Control. In town near Police Station.        

15.Date & Nature of Proceedings.  none.     16.General Remarks.  none.


    Some licensees,

    1861      Richard HOLLIS maltster (census)

    1885      Jon (sic) HALL (BAD)

    1891      John HALL  (census)

    1902      John HALL (also owner) (SRB),  Rateable value  £25.10s. 

    1941      William JONES,  (KD 1941)

    1956      Alfred B. TECKOE  (ER)


KING'S ARMS        Trench Lane     Trench

Some licensees,

    1841      Joseph BROWN (census)

    1851      Catherine WEBB Maltster & Victualler (HGD).

    1861      Sarah WEBB (unm.), Maltster & Inn keeper, landed prop. & farmer of 9acres.(census & HHD).

                   Richard HOLLIS maltster. (census) (Richard is Sarah WEBB's stepfather.)

    1868      Sarah WEBB (Slater’s Directory)

Although not named as such it would appear that Sarah WEBB was 

at these premises until at least 1871.