HORSESHOES           Holyhead Road            Ketley.   

Plot 821, 1840 Hadley Tithe map.


C 1960.                                                                                          2004


Return of Licenced houses in the Petty Sessional District of Wellington,  1896.

Name, Horseshoes;       Place. Ketley;      Date of visit. 24 July 1896; 

Nature of licence, Alehouse 7 day;  When granted,  Before 1826;  

Owner, Miss SMITH, Shrewsbury; Occupier, Noah DAVIES; Number of changes in last five years, 1;  

Rateable value £15-15-0;    Accommodation, 6 rooms downstairs, 5 up; Stabling, for 3 horses;  

Condition,  House requires lime-washing, stabling placing in proper repair and cratch putting up;  

Nature of trade, Mining & Ironworks; 

Proximity to licenced premises, about 250 yards; Proximity to dwelling houses, about 30 yards; 

Proximity to Police control, about  1 mile to police station;

Nature of proceedings, None.

    Some licensees

        1840/44           Richard MORRIS (PD)

        1851               John MORRIS  (HGD)

        1861               John MORRIS  (HHD)

        1868               Mary MORRIS  (Slater’s Directory)

        1881               Mary MORRIS (Wellington Directory & census)

        1896               Noah DAVIES, owner Miss SMITH, Shrewsbury (PSR).

        1901               Noah DAVIES, owner J T WILLIAMS Wellington (PSR).

        1909/17           Ben DAVIES (KD)

        1934/41           Philip G GREENLY (KD)

        1964               Leonard A O JOLLY (WD)

        2003               John W CORBETT.

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