Greyhound,     Ketley Bank;  Trench.

GREYHOUND, Holyhead Road, Ketley Bank.

Closed in the 1990s and the building converted into

 a "Domino's Pizza Place"


                                                    2008                                                                                1966.

An inquest into the victim of the Mumpen Hill murder was held at The Greyhound in 1910  .


“-----in 1973 a lorry smashed into the Greyhound pub --------and became embedded. Nobody in the crowded bar was hurt and the driver jumped to safety, but the pub was so badly damaged that it had to be virtually rebuilt. After an 18 month closure, it reopened in June 1974. Its troubles were however not over. In 1991 rowdy behaviour and vandalism became so bad that a temporary manager and his family fled in fear and refused to return. The Greyhound closed around the mid-1990s and is today a takeaway pizza joint."  (Telford, Pictures From The Past).



 1. Name. Greyhound. 

 2. Place.  New Road, Oakengates. 3

. Date of visit.  24 July 1896. 


4. Nature of licence. Alehouse 7 day. 

5. When granted. Before 1800. 



6. Owner  E Pritchard & Co (Brewers) Wellington.  

Occupier  William Rowley. 

No.of changes (last 5 years)  None.


7. Rateable value. £39-7-6d.  

8. Accommodation. 4 rooms downstairs, and 5 up. 

9. Stabling. For 2 horses. 

10. Condition of buildings. House ceiling requires lime washing and roof repairing, stables require limewashing. 

11. Nature of trade. Mining & Ironworks. 

12. Proximity to licensed houses.  12 yards.     1

3. Proximity to dwelling houses. Adjoining. 

14. Distance from Police control.  1/4 mile to police station. 

15. Date of proceedings. none.      

16. General remarks. Tied to owner.

Some licensees

    1851      Thomas MARRISON (sic)  (MARRION?)  (BD)

    1861      Thomas MARRION (HHD)

    1861      Ellen MARRION, widow, Innkeeper (census).

    1871      John BREEZE, Innkeeper. (census).

    1881      Joseph MARTIN, Inn Keeper  (census).

    1891/95  William ROWLEY, Licensed Victualler  (census & KD).

    1896      William ROWLEY;  owners E Pritchard & Co. Brewers, Wellington. (PSR).

    1901      William ROWLEY;  owners Union Brewery, Wellington (PSR).

    1909      Mrs Hannah ROWLEY (KD)

    1920-24     Benjamin PROCTER  

    1929      Geo. L. COOPER  

    1934      Herbert P. HOLDSWORTH (KD)

    1941      George H SLACK,   (KD)

    1956      Thomas BIDDULPH  (ER)

    1964      Leslie C ARNOLD (WD)

    1966      Leslie C ARNOLD



GREYHOUND         Trench Road,     Trench.

In an article in “The Wellington News” 27 April 2005  Robert Bullard tells the story of a soldier from WW2, Maurice Jones , who was born at 71 Trench Road in 1923. The article states that this house  had once been a pub called “The Greyhound” which had it’s own spring that was drawn upon for brewing.  This is the only reference so far found for this property.