Duke of York

BDuke of York,  Oakengates;  Snedshill;  Trench.

DUKE OF YORK    Market St.  Oakengates.

Extract from "The Oakengates Book"--  "The Duke of York has always been associated with local farmers who used to hold their meetings there-----  best known (landlord) was Benjamin PROCTOR  1926+ (he) also played football for O'gates."

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1.Name. Duke of York. 2.Place. Oakengates. 3.Date of Visit. 24 July 1896. 
4.Nature of Licence,  Alehouse 7 days.5.When Granted.  Not known but before 1814.
 6.Owner Anne CORBETT. Occupier John RICE. Number of changes within past five years. 1. 7.Rateable value £65. 8.Accommodation.  4 rooms downstairs and 6 up. 9.Stabling. For 4 horses. 10.Condition of Buildings. (blank)  
11.Nature of Trade. Mining. 
12.Proximity to other Licensed Houses. About 20 yards. 13.Proximity to Dwelling Houses. Adjoining.
14.Position of House with regard to Police Control. Near Police Station.
 15.Date & Nature of Proceedings. none.

  Some licensees
    1826        John STARR (PD & PL).
    1828/34    David JONES (PD)
    1844        Jane STARR (PD)
    1851        Henry HAYES. (HGD)
    1861    `  Henry HAYES  (HHD)
    1863        Henry HAYES  (OB)
    1875        William HARRIS (OB)
    1888        William JONES (OB)
    1891        William JONES (KD & census)
    1895        John PRICE (OB)
    1902        James RICE,  owner Jane CORBETT  (SRB),  rateable value £55.5s,  rental £65.10s.
    1909        John RICE (sic) (KD)
    1913        James CORBETT (OB)
    1917        Thomas TREVOR (KD)
    1922        William HEDLEY (OB)
    1926        Benjamin PROCTER (OB)
    1929/34/37/41  Benjamin PROCTER (KD)
    1956/66    Stanley A. TEAGUE  (ER)
    2003        Patricia Anne TAGGART
    2010        Ian BARTON

DUKE OF YORK          Snedshill  
  (Position unclear, may well be the Oakengates “Duke“)

"January 1822 Roll nos. 181-4.    Geo Hollows of Snedshill p Shifnal (sic) says 2 half crowns produced were given him by Rd Hooper, he arrested Rd Boon; Rd s of Ca  Hooper of the Duke of York PH at Snedshill collier heard a piece of money tinkle on the table, a bad one belonging to whoever it will, took half crown from his sister Jane Purdy's hand and rang it 3 times on the quarries of the house floor, it was a bad one, Rd Boon asked what it had to do with him, he gave the coin to Purdy and insisted on change, Hooper found other bad half crowns in his possession; Ed Boon, f of Rd, gave his change and they went away, when Rd was arrested they only found 7d or 8d in coppers in his pocket and not the change; Jane Purdy of Stirchley, assisting her m. at the Duke of York, says Boon offered half crown twice in payment for a pint of ale and was given change each time, the second time only when he insisted; Ca Hooper, publican, corroborates." (Sic)

(Abstracts of the Quarter Session Rolls,  1820 - 1830    County of Salop.  (Copy in Wellington Library))

        1820s    Ca HOOPER (QSR)

DUKE OF YORK.      Trench Road.    Trench.

Refurbished and name changed to "The Duke" 2009




   1. Name.  Duke of York.    2. Place.  Trench Lane,  Trench.    3. Date of visit.  25 July 1896.
  4. Nature of licence. Alehouse 7 day.     5. When granted. Before 1800.
  6. Owner Thomas Southam & Sons,  Shrewsbury.
      Occupier.  Fred Russell.        No.of changes (last 5 years). 4.
  7. Rateable value. £21.  8. Accommodation. 5 rooms downstairs & 3 up.   9. Stabling.For 3 horses.
10. Condition of buildings.  House requires papering and lime-washing.  Stables require cleaning               
       and lime-washing.
11. Nature of trade. Ironwaorks and Agricultural.
12. Proximity to licensed houses.  About 12 yards. 13. Proximity to dwelling houses. Adjoining.
14. Distance from Police control. About 1 mile to police station.
15. Date of proceedings. 10 January 1887,  Permitting drunkenness, Case dismissed.
16. General remarks.  Tied to owner.

    Some licensees
        1851    Dorothy WAKELY victualler, (HGD).
        1868    Richard WAKELY (Slater’s Directory)
        1891    William BENBOW (KD)
        1896    Frederick ROSCOE (PSR),  Thomas Southam & Sons, Shrewsbury (PSR).
        1901    John YAPP, owners Lassell & Sharman, Caergwrle (PSR).
        1904    J YAPP (AD)
        1909    Mrs J.H.YAPP (KD)
        1929    Ralph Samuel LEES (KD)
        1934    Ralph Samuel LEES (KD)
        1941    Ralph Samuel LEES  (KD)
        1964    Donald LEES (WD)
        2003    Stephanie BAGNALL.