Crown,  Oakengates; Crown Beerhouse, Wrockwardine Wood.

CROWN,         Market St,      Oakengates

"The original Crown was a one roomed provision merchant shop, licensed by the Duke of Wellington's Beer House Act of 1830. This permitted a householder or rate payer, on payment of two guineas to the Excise, to turn his private house into a Public House. It was the intention of this act to reduce the damaging high consumption of raw spirits, and increase the consumption of ale, porter and cider. It failed. Richard Corbett retailed ale from his grocers shop around 1835. He is recorded in the 1841 census aged 49, with his wife Sarah 39, and their family of six, Richard 12, John 11, Elizabeth 9, Thomas 7, Benjamin 5, and Edward 3. They boarded two lodgers and employed two servants. By 1851 Richard Corbett had passed on, and his carpenter brother William had taken over the business. He was 40, his wife Elizabeth 40, and daughter Elizabeth 9.
The Wrekin Brewery Company of Wellington bought The Crown Inn on the 26th March 1926 from William Henry Pitchford who kept the butchers shop next door (now the Oakengates Tandoori Restaurant). The Wrekin Brewery was taken over by Greenall Whitley of Warrington in 1951. Greenall Whitley closed the Crown Inn in 1994. The premises were purchased by John Ellis in May 1995, who, after extensive renovations re-opened the old beer house on 28th July 1995."  (History of Crown Inn, Oakengates.Com).

Extract from the “Shrewsbury Chronicle” 19 July 1854.
Death reported of Benjamin CORBETT, Crown Inn, Oakengates.  Age 17.

Assault at the Crown Inn      
“ John Taylor charged Gabriel Pickering with assaulting him on the seventh Inst November 1883 in Oakengates. The complainant deposed that on the 7th he was at Oakengates. There was a fire at the Fighting Cocks Inn  Mr Webb, the superintendent of the Wellington fire brigade asked him to work at the pump. He did so and was there all day until half past 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Afterwards they went down to the Crown Inn  and Mr Webb ordered a gallon of beer for them. They went into the kitchen but there was no fire there and as the weather was very cold they went into the bar where there was a fire. The landlord said he could not draw them anything there, three more quarts were coming to them but they must go into the kitchen to drink them. They told him there was no fire there upon which he ordered them out of the House. The defendant, who was in the bar, jumped up and knocked the witness down, and when he got on his feet again struck him on the side of the head. William Haywood and Joseph Clay gave corroborative evidence for the defence. Richard Corbett, landlord of the Crown Inn, said the defendant was drunk, very insolent, and challenged Pickering to fight. Police Constable Derbyshire stated that the complainant was very drunk and used threatening language towards Pickering. The witness had to lock him up, and he had been fined that morning for drunken disorderly on the occasion. The bench dismissed the case. “
(From the Wellington Journal Nov 1883)

1.Name.  Crown. 
2.Place. Market St. Oakengates. 
3.Date of visit. 24 July 1896.
4.Nature of licence.Beerhouse, 7day. 
5.When granted. Not known but before 1841.
6.Owner & Occupier.  Eliza Francis Corbett. 
   No.of changes (last 5 years)  One.
7.Rateable value. £30. 
8.Accommodation. Four rooms downstairs and five up. 
9.Stabling.  For 2 horses. 
10.Condition of buildings. House requires painting and limewash.
11Nature of trade. Mining & Ironworks. 
12.Proximity to licensed houses. 10 yards.
 13.Proximity to dwelling houses.  Adjoining. 
14. Distance from Police control. Near police station.
15  Date of proceedings. 20 january 1890, permitting drunkenness, fined £1, costs 13/6d. Not against present occupier.  
16. General remarks.  None.

Some of the licensees,
    1835     Richard CORBETT Snr. (History of Crown Inn).
    1850     William CORBETT (History of Crown Inn)
    1856    Thomas CORBETT.
    1857     Richard CORBETT (jnr) (History of Crown Inn)
    1861    Richard CORBETT  (census)
    1863    Ann CORBETT (OB)
    1871     Richard CORBETT, Beerseller & soda water manufacturer (census).
    1881     Richard CORBETT, licensed victualler & soda water manufacturer (census)
    1885    Harriet CORBETT (OB)
    1888    Richard CORBETT (OB)
    1890    Noah DAVIES, shown as occupant in Albert Henry DAVIES'S diary, possibly owner?
    1894    Elizabeth Frances CORBETT (KD & PSR)
    1895    William CORBETT (History of Crown Inn).
    1926    Frank GREENHILL (OB)
    1926    Harry PHILLIPS (History of Crown Inn).
    1929,37,41 Harry PHILLIPS   (KD)
    1943    Alice PHILLIPS (History of Crown Inn).
    1953    John C GREGORY (History of Crown Inn).
    1955    Frederick J BATE (List in Crown Inn)
    1956    Elsie M. BRINKWORTH  (ER)
    1958    Harold MACKLIN (List in Crown Inn)
    1960    Norman ROWE (List in Crown Inn)
    1964    Norman ROWE (WD)
    1964    Rodney RICE (List in Crown Inn)
    1965    Alfred Morris PARDOE (List in Crown Inn)
    1966    John Joseph Francis (ER)
    1968    Michael BLAKE (List in Crown Inn)
    1968    Joyce Clara GREGORY (List in Crown Inn)
    1970    Douglas Ian Michael FORD  (List in Crown Inn)
    1970    George NEWYON (List in Crown Inn)
    1974    George Earnest PRICE (List in Crown Inn)
    1975    Carl John LINETON  (List in Crown Inn)
    1978    Kenneth IRWIN (List in Crown Inn)
    1982    Lawrence Harold H WEBSTER (List in Crown Inn)
    1982    Robert Richard OWEN (List in Crown Inn)
    1990    Edward JOY (List in Crown Inn)
    1992    Neil James KIMM (List in Crown Inn)
    1992    Lesley Clare RUSSELL (List in Crown Inn)
    1993    Neil James KIMM (List in Crown Inn)
    1993    John Cameron C BARR (List in Crown Inn)
    1993    Lillian Elsie RHODES (List in Crown Inn)
    1995     John ELLIS & Liz KIRKLAND.

CROWN     Trench Lane,  Wrockwardine Wood.
  1. Name.  Crown.   2. Place. Trench   3. Date of Visit. 25 July 1896.
  4. Nature of Licence. Beerhouse, 7 days.   5. When Granted. Not known but before 1856
  6. Owner & Occupier. George BROWN   Number of changes within past five years.  None
  7. Rateable value.£15-15s.  8. Accommodation. 3 rooms down & 4 up.  9. Stabling. None
10. Condition of Buildings. House, rooms require papering & ceilings lime-washing. 
11. Nature of Trade. Mining, Ironworks & Agriculture. 12. Proximity to other Licensed Houses. 
About 12 yards. 13. Proximity to Dwelling Houses. Adjoining. 14. Position of House with regard 
      to Police Control. About 1/4 mile to Police Station. 
15. Date & Nature of Proceedings. None. 16. General Remarks. None.

Some licensees.
    1851        Richard MAINWARING, victualler (HGD)
    1861        Ellen INGRAM  (census & HHD).

    1871        Benjamin NORTH (census)
    1876        John DOWNING, occupier, Mary MAINWARING owner. (SWW Plot 80)
    1881         George BROWN, Stocktaker & Innkeeper (census).
    1896        George BROWN (PSR)
    1901        Thomas INGRAM (PSR)
    1904        Thomas INGRAM (AD).