Coalport Tavern

    COALPORT TAVERN  Bridge St.  Oakengates.

Closed and  empty in 2003, re-opened 2004 under new management.

Closed again and boarded up January 2011.

Re-opened March 2011. Closed and boarded up AGAIN, October 2011.

Further re-opening December 2011, let's hope this is successful.

A makeover and new windows 2012.


                                                                  2002 Exterior.                                                               

2004 Exterior. 


2011 Exterior.                                                                         2012 Exterior.

January 2013.

        2003 Sign                                                                   2004 Sign.

Clarice Corbett, a well respected landlady of the 1940s and 50s.  

Petty Session's Returns  1896 

        1.Name. Coalport Tavern2.Place. Bridge St. Oakengates
        3.Date of visit. 24 July 1896. 
        4.Nature of licence. Alehouse  7day.        5.When granted. Before 1866.
        6.Owner. Soames & Co. Wrexham Brewery Co.    Occupier. James Enoch BURGE. 
           No.of changes (last 5 years). one
        7.Rateable value.£17.10s. 
         8.Accommodation.Rooms 4 down, 6 up. 9.Stabling. for 4 horses
        10.Condition of buildings.House ceilings and stables require limewashing.
        11.Nature of trade. Mining and Industry
        12.Proximity to licensed houses. 100yds.    13.Proximity to dwelling houses.  Adjoining. 
        14.Distance from Police control. Near police station.
        15. Date of proceedings.  none 
        16.General remarks.  none

Some Licensees

    1871      William TAYLOR  (census)

    1881      Henry HARRISON (census)

    1891      Barzillai PICKERING  (LOD 1891)

    1896      James Enoch BURGE, owners Soames & Co.Wrexham Brewery Co.(PSR)

    1901      George LILL, (PSR)

    1909/13   Samuel J HARRIS (KD)

    1917      Robert FIRMSTONE (KD)

    1929      William LANE (KD)

    1934      Sydney CORBETT (KD

    1937 & 1941       Miss Clarice CORBETT,  (KD)

    1956      Clarice CORBETT  (ER)

    1964      Thomas R FERRIDAY (WD)

    1966      Thomas R FERRIDAY (ER)

    2002      John WILLIAMS.

    2004      Alan AINSWORTH.

    2010      Wendy McDONALD.

    2011      Simon HANCOX and Rachel LILLEY.

    2011      Julian SANDERS.