Blue Pig

BLUE PIG .           Trench Pool.

Formerly “The Shropshire Arms”  


"Houses on the left included the Shropshire Arms pub, nicknamed The Blue Pig for reasons believed to be connected with the close proximity of the ironworks which produced the pig iron and it was finally officially renamed by that title by Marstons the brewers in 1983. The facade of the old Shropshire Arms pub remains unchanged, though the pub has now been renamed as the Blue Pig, its nickname for generations, but a 1967 photo shows the old Shropshire Union Canal, now replaced by the Queensway perimeter road and the Trench Lock island."

("Hadley in Old Picture Postcards")

Additional information from "jatgms"(

The Blue Pig also refers to a biker club who used to meet at the blue pig their emblem was a pigs head with a policemans helmet on .Leave you to make the connection yourselves . :)


1.Name.  Shropshire Arms. 2.Place.  Trench Pool. 3.Date of Visit.  25 July 1896.
4.Nature of Licence. Alehouse, 7 day. 5.When Granted. Not known but before 1800.
6.Owner. Pearce & Co. (Brewers) Market Drayton.  Occupier. William John Lane.
   Number of changes within past five years. One.
7.Rateable value. £22. 8.Accommodation. 4 rooms downstairs & 5 up. 9.Stabling. For 4 horses.
10.Condition of Buildings.  House in good condition, stabling requires repair & lime-washing, (unfit for horses). 11.Nature of Trade.Ironworks.
12.Proximity to other Licensed Houses. About 1/4 mile. 13.Proximity to Dwelling Houses. About 20 yards. 14.Position of House with regard to Police Control. About 1/4 mile to Police Station.
15.Date & Nature of Proceedings. none. 16.General Remarks. Tied to owner.

Some licensees

    1871 Jabez BLAKEMORE  (census).

    1891 Edwin DAVIES  (census).

    1891/95         Edward GRAINGER (KD)

    1896 William John LANE    Owners  Pearce & Co. (brewers),  Market Drayton.

    1904/09         W.J.LANE (AD)

    1917 Robert CHILTON (KD)

    1934 James MYTTON (KD)

    1941 Edwin DAVIES (KD)

    1964 Ernest W. WILLIAMS (WD)

    2003 Rachel & Martin FULLWOOD.