Bird in Hand

BIRD IN HAND ,  The Nabb, Wrockwardine Wood.

(Aka, The Golden Eagle, 1839 ? )

Closed and demolished early 1990s.



Circa 1992

  The site in 2004.

Stated as "bought by The Lilleshall Company 1900,"  (VHS). but would appear to have been owned by the company at least since 1876.  It may be that John DAVIES, an ironstone miner, was at these premises from 1841 onwards (census), a Jemima BIRD (about 15 years old) was also there, legend has it that the Inn was named after her!

Levi JONES, aged 10, was here as a servant in 1851 and, aged 29, as a visitor in 1871 (census returns).



    1.Name. The Bird in Hand. 2.Place. The Nabb.3.Date of Visit.1 Aug 1896.

    4.Nature of Licence.Beerhouse 7 days. 5.When Granted. Not known but before 1851. 

    6.Owner. Lilleshall Company. Occupier. Levi JONES. No changes within past five years.   

    7.Rateable value.£14. 8.Accommodation.3 rooms downstairs, 3 up.  9.Stabling.None. 

    10.Condition of Buildings. House requires lime-washing & cleaning.

    11.Nature of Trade. Mining. 

    12.Proximity to other Licensed Houses. About 1/4 mile.

    13.Proximity to dwelling Houses. About 30 yards. 

    14.Position of House with regard to Police Control.1 mile to Police Station. 

    15.Date & Nature of Proceedings. None. 16.General Remarks. none.


Some licensees

    1856          Mrs Dorothy DAVIES  (POD 1856),  premises named as “The Golden Egg” (sic)

    1861 John DAVIES (census)

    1871 Mary DAVIES (widow) (census)

    1876 Levi JONES occupier,  The Lilleshall Co. owners. (WWS plot347)

    1881 Levi JONES,  Publican. (Census)

    1891 Levi JONES (census).

    1896 Levi JONES (PSR)

    1901 Sarah Ann JONES, owners Lilleshall Co. (PSR).

    1904 Sarah Ann JONES, (AD)

    1941 Levi JONES,   (KD)  **

    1956 John A. WARD (ER)

    1964 Robert S. JACKMAN (WD)


** Raymond JONES, the son of Levi JONES was killed in an Air-raid at Plymouth on 

30th June 1943, he was serving in the Royal Artillery.


Sylvia Florence WARD (nee DAVIES), a former Licensee of the “Bird in Hand” 

died on 5 June 2005, aged 89 years.



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